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 Hearthome City Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Hearthome City Forum Rules   June 23rd 2013, 6:43 am

Hearthome City Rules
a   c   i   t   y   o   f   g   r   a   n   d   e   u   r

The following rules are implemented forum-wide to ensure that every member can have an enjoyable experience here in Castelia City. Members who are caught breaking these rules may be punished or banned from the forum. The severity of the punishment depends solely on what the member has done, therefore if you have seen any member disobeying these rules, please report them to any of the staff members.

Don't be rude. Treat other members the way you want to be treated. Welcome new users with kindness and respect. Those reported to be mean or cruel to other forum-goers shall be banned from the website for a minimum of a week, or to the maximum penalty of a permanent ban.

Don't promote illegal activity. Do not post or link to any unauthorized distributed materials such as movies, video games, or television shows. You are also not allowed to sell these items on our website. Those caught doing so shall receive penalty.
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Hearthome City Forum Rules
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