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 Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations   July 12th 2013, 11:26 pm

rules & regulations
the official guide to knowing your way around the guild

All Global forum rules apply. If you haven't read the rules yet, go on over here before you post anything in the Guild. These rules are made to maintain peace around the forums and to ensure that every member will have an enjoyable experience. Those caught disobeying the rules are subject to account termination or temporary banishment from the website.

Pornographic exploit is strictly prohibited. Hearthome City is open to many members of young ages, therefore you are not allowed to post inappropriate content and anything sexual in the Guild, or anywhere in the entire forum. If you are caught doing so, you shall be given the maximum penalty of permanent ban.

Don't claim artwork that isn't yours. Do not steal, borrow, or claim other people's artwork. If someone has claimed your work, please report him or her to Laugh, the Artists' Guild Coordinator and Supervisor. Those reported stealing, borrowing or claiming artwork with evident proof are subject to account termination or temporary banishment depending on the severity of the situation.

Upon creating a gallery, please make sure you have at least three artwork to showcase. If you have not met this requirement, your gallery thread shall be closed until you present Laugh an artwork which you will like to add via Private Message. After doing so, your gallery shall be opened a short time later.

By giving constructive criticism, you may point out what you find bad or wrong, but please be respectful. Any sort of inappropriate content shall be deleted as soon as it is reported by a member or seen by any staff member. Rude and offensive text is strictly prohibited throughout the entire forum.

If you have any questions about these rules and the corresponding punishments, please contact Laugh via Private Messaging. Let your creativity flow and share out your inner artist in the Guild!
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Rules & Regulations
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